1. Each paper is refereed by two mutually independent reviewers reputed for their extensive knowledge of matters dealt with in SRP’s given issue. The affiliation of both of them is other than the Faculty of Humanities, University of Turku. The requirements that should be met are specified in the review form template available here for download

2. Reviews have a written form and are prepared in compliance with double-blind peer review model. It implies that both the referees and the authors remain anonymous. The Board of Editors are in charge with ensuring the anonymity of both the authors and the reviewers during the reviewing process. Thus, temporarily, for the purposes of reviewing process, authors’ names, addresses and e-mails, will be deleted also from submitted files that are sent to reviewers.

3. If two conflicting opinions are issued by reviewers, the article is declined. However, its author may apply to the Board of Editors for an extra-referee. His / her opinion is decisive. If one of the reviews is positive, and the other negative, the editors will ask for a third blind review on behalf of a third reviewer. His/her opinion will be decisive.

4. The reviewers are neither part of the journal’s editorial staff, nor do they come from the universities or academic institutions to which the reviewed authors are affiliated.

5. Reviewers’ names will be revealed after the publication of the issue.

6. Articles should be submitted to the assisting staff at least three months before the planned release of the issue.