The Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies (FJRS) is issued by the The Finnish Centre for Romanian Studies (FICROS) which is a derived entity from the Department of Romanian Language and Culture (DRLC) at the University of Turku, Finland (UTU), School of Languages and Translation Studies.

DRLC is the administrative subdivision of UTU for the teaching of Romanian Language and Culture, whereas FICROS is dedicated to research in the field of interdisciplinary Romanian studies, its purpose being the cooperation with similar local or foreign research entities, along with publishing research and encouraging academic dialogue in the field of Romanian studies. FICROS is coordinated by Paul Nanu, PhD, lecturer of Romanian language at UTU. The other members of FICROS are scholars based in Finland or abroad.

Aim and scope

Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies focuses on different aspects of Romanian culture (literature, philosophy, history, art, language) mainly as reflected outside Romania, as researchers from around the world are welcome to publish. Dialogue between researchers in the field is encouraged. FJRS is the only academic journal on Romania related matters published in Scandinavia.

Frequency: Annual
Language: English
Publisher: University of Turku, Finland
Access: Open
Peer-review: The editors make a first selection of the submitted articles. The journal uses “double blind” peer review policy. The articles are sent to members of the advisory board or to our reviewers, based on the topic.
ISSN 2343-3442 (print)
ISSN 2343-3450 (online)

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