█ █ █    CALL FOR PAPERS  |  No. 4 / 2018

The School of Languages and Translation Studies at the University of Turku in partnership with the Department of Romanian Studies at the ‘Adam Mickiewicz’ University of Poznań will continue in 2018 their endeavour in the field of Romanian studies: the publication of an English language academic journal: The Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies (FJRS). The journal focuses on different aspects of Romanian culture, mainly as reflected outside Romania, as researchers from around the world are invited to publish, the interdisciplinary dialogue between researchers in the field being heartily encouraged.

We hereby are honoured to invite you to submit a paper in our new issue on Romanian Studies.

The deadline for submitting the articles is June 1st 2019.

Please check our guidelines for authors regarding the technical details of the submission process.

This fourth issue of The Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies aims at bringing together research articles which would focus on Romanian Studies in general whether it is Romanian literature, language, history, politics etc. However, we wish to gather articles also to form a dossier on HISTORY AND FICTION, focusing on the game, interaction, collision or confluence of history and fiction in what regards the Romanian language, culture and literature. We thus invite contributions from all areas that relate to the three fields, but which would go deeper in analyzing Romanian language etymologies, for example, or Romanian mythology or historiography, as well as the field of literature, translation or even literary criticism, and see the development of the two concepts – history and fiction. How have history and fiction built the Romanian linguistic and cultural identity, how have the historiographical and the mythological discourses developed in time according to the political or national movements in Romanian history? How have historical and fictional realities changed the discourse of Romanian literature or literary criticism? These are questions that we would like to invite foreign and Romanian researchers to address the dossier of  this issue of our journal.

FJRS Editorial Board