█ █ █    CALL FOR PAPERS  |  No. 2 / 2016


The School of Languages and Translation Studies at the University of Turku will continue in 2016 its endeavour in the field of Romanian studies: the publication of an academic journal, unique attempt until now in Finnish academic milieu. The Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies (FJRS) focuses on different aspects of Romanian culture, mainly as reflected outside Romania, as researchers from around the world are invited to publish, the interdisciplinary dialogue between researchers in the field being heartily encouraged.

We hereby are honoured to invite you to submit a paper in our second issue, entitled “Romanians and the Others. Interaction and Transfer” scheduled for publication December 2016.
The deadline for submitting the articles is 1st of September 2016.
Please check our guidelines for authors regarding the technical details of the submission process.

This second issue of The Finnish Journal for Romanian Studies aims at bringing together research articles from different areas of Romanian studies – literature, language, history, cinema, music, architecture, folklore and mythology, etc. which would analyse and revisit the development of concepts, theories and paradigms as offered by specialists from different centres of research all over the world.

Our aim is to approach the way Romanians related to the Others i.e. and how this meeting, whether linguistic, cultural, literary, political, artistic or social has been perceived from both sides over the years. This discussion on how the interaction and possible transfer is an invitation to revisit old concepts and paradigms in the light of the contemporary European views on state, ethnicity, religion, human rights and freedom, all challenged by the new emerging maps and walls in Europe and not only.

We invite researchers in the field of Romanian and comparative studies to contribute both to the development of this area, and, thus integrate it further into a larger circuit of humanities research.

FJRS Editorial Board